Aug 10 2011

Data Liberation Front Makes it Easy to Free Your Data from Google

Google’s Data Liberation Front has created a program called Google Takeout, which is supposed to provide an easy to use and bundled way to download all of your data from Google’s servers.  More here and here.

Aug 9 2011

3D Webpage Visualization

A co-worker mentioned a plugin for Firefox called Tilt, which allows you to rotate any webpage in 3 dimensions.  This allows you to easily visualize the Z-direction for your various elements.  I can definitely see the benefits of using this when designing your non-run-of-the-mill site.  At a minimum, it is neat to play with.

Aug 9 2011

Bedworks – The Futon Shop

There is an amazing furniture store in Cambridge, MA — Bedworks.  They been using handcrafted hardwoods since 1976, specializing in platform beds and futons.  All of their work is backed by a lifetime warranty.  Very interesting story about how they began.  We are eyeing a floating platform storage bed with the 6-in-1 bookcase headboard.

Bedworks 6-in-1 bookcase headboard“It provides seven feet of bookshelf on the top, four feet of hidden storage in the middle, two end tables, plus two sliding angled backrests as shown on right. Whatever you want at hand . . . the Harvard Classics, the New Yorker, or a snifter of brandy, this design obliges.”

Aug 9 2011

How to Enable iframes for WordPress Posts

For my last post I wanted to embed a Vimeo video, but by default WordPress strips out iframes when you switch from the HTML to Visual editor.  This can pose a problem when posting videos from Vimeo or YouTube, Google Maps, or other content.  After some reading I found and tried the solution here and it seems to work well!

Aug 9 2011

Amazing song mixing!

Chris from Ithaca Audio does an amazing job mixing several songs using Ableton Live and an Akai APC40 live control surface.  You can watch a visual while he does it.  Very well done!

Don’t hold back, just push things forward from Ithaca Audio on Vimeo.