Oct 27 2011

It is snowing!

October 27 and we have our first snow of the winter <sigh>.  We are SO not ready for this already.  Couldn’t mother nature at least have given us the end of October snow-free?

Oct 26 2011

Opera even downloads and installs the fastest of all browsers!

OperaThe last time that I used Opera was back in the early 2000s while still at WPI.  I remember how it seemed to popularize the notion of tabbed browsing.  Before that I was using Netscape.  My past few years of web browsing have mostly occurred on Firefox and more recently Chrome.  However, being a fine upstanding citizen of the web community, I try to do my part with cross-browser/device testing.  So, between yesterday and today I’ve been installing the various web browsers onto a new laptop and decided that I’d give Opera another look-see.

Here are my experiences downloading and installing these various browsers: Continue reading

Oct 25 2011

Excellent explanation of Daylight Savings Time

This video does a great job of explaining the debate about whether or not to continue adjusting our clocks twice a year for Daylight Savings Time.  Does it really have a positive effect?  Sounds like whether the intended impact is positive or negative, it is negligible, especially when compared to the havoc it causes.