Some projects that I've worked on

How To Comment In... (December 2011)
Created a one-stop resource for the proper syntax to insert comments in a variety of programming languages. As a timesaver, you can go directly to your desired programming language in the URL, e.g. I wrote this using Django 1.3 making use of:
  • Subclassed class-based generic views
  • Named views in order to abstract template URLs and refrain from using hardcoded URLs
  • Django's messaging framework
  • Fixtures
  • Dynamic page titles for improved SEO
  • Redirection if requested programming language is not found
  • Automatic adding of suggestions (accessible through admin) if requested programming language is not found, to track what languages people are looking for
  • Google Analytics
  • AddThis for sharing and tracking sharing analytics

The Marketing Challenges Faced by a Non-Profit Social Service Agency, WPI. (December 2007)
Identified several areas in which this non-profit agency can improve its marketing activities. With fundraising accounting for only 4.84% of the total budgeted income for 2008, focused analysis on reviewing case studies and other literature that suggested how Jewish Family Service can increase the amount of income received through fundraising and donor relations. Paper available at

Lean at a Local Safety Spectacles Manufacturer: What Went Wrong?, WPI. (April 2005)
Examined a kaizen event at a local maker of single lens safety spectacles. Analyzed before and proposed conditions of the assembly area and described the current post-kaizen state (including the people/cultural aspects). Recommended improvements to future kaizen events from the standpoint of better adherence to the principles of lean manufacturing. Paper available at

ClusterFLOP: An Experiment in Building a Cluster From Low cOst Parts, WPI. (May 2004)
Designed and built a 2 gigaflops system of 10 nodes, with 1.6 gigabytes of total RAM and 10 gigabytes of total hard drive storage built on a 100 Mbps Ethernet network at a cost to the authors of approximately $450. Paper and additional information available at

Wireless Differential Fault Sensing Device For Air Core Reactors, WPI. (May 2003)
Developed a revolutionary wireless differential diagnostic system for detecting faults in air core reactors used in 3-phase power systems. Sponsored by Phoenix Electric Corporation, Canton, MA. (See A Wireless Differential Protection System for Air-Core Inductors. By D. Richard Brown, III, Jeremy A. Slater, and Alexander E. Emanuel, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 20, No. 2, April 2005. Paper also available at